Diamond Beach Towel 6 pcs with Shipping [Stock Clearance]
Diamond Beach Towel 6 pcs with Shipping [Stock Clearance]
Diamond Beach Towel 6 pcs with Shipping [Stock Clearance]

    Diamond Beach Towel 6 pcs with Shipping [Stock Clearance]

    $63.50 $170.00
    Item Dimensions LxWxH 37 x 73 x 0.1 inches
    Size 37" x 73"
    Colors Affair Purple, Black, Blue, Red, Burgundy, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Baby Blue, Navy, Beige, Mustard, Orange, Light Grey, Pink, Forest
    Material Cotton
    Fabric Type Cotton


    AEGEAN CONCEPT: from the heart of the world-famous cotton

    We carry the ancient traditions of the Aegean coast, which is the center of many civilizations, with a modern interpretation.

    100% organic cotton towels, which have been used in this region for centuries, are rapidly gaining popularity in USA and the world today.


    Great Absorbency / Light Weight

    Despite its light and thin structure, it has excellent absorbency. With the bleaching of natural cotton fibers, its absorbency reaches its maximum level after two washes.

    Natural Handmade Cotton

    All towels are produced from 100% organic Turkish cotton. They are handmade and packaged after quality control.


    Quick-Dry / Pre-Shrunk

    All items are pre-washed to minimize shrinkage. This also makes it soft. With Aegean Concept towels, nobody comes home with a wet towel. Here is the magic of our products. It takes up little space and dries quickly.



    Sand Proof / XXL Size

    No one wants to put a damp towel with sand in it in their bag. A towel that is wide enough to cover your whole body and you can get rid of all the sand in one move. Beach or picnic should be just fun for you, not torture.


    Luxury and comfort don't always get together. But this time they did.

    HOME: Cool summer evenings, on your patio or while watching TV on a cold winter day, you may want to take something light on you. It can also be a good alternative to lay it under your animal friends.

    BEACH: Definitely a game-changer for those who are tired of coming home with damp and sandy towels. usually, one towel is big enough to dry your whole body.

    BATH & SPA: You can easily use it in your bathroom or spa. An easy-to-use and gentle choice for your children, your spouse, and the whole family.

    OUTDOORS: Campers absolutely love us. Because we know that all materials should be light and useful.

    GYM: All athletes need after training is to take a comfortable shower and all athletes are looking for light towels to dry them thoroughly.

    TRAVEL: You avoid taking heavy items with you while traveling. This means extra effort and money loss. Then change your habits and meet the new generation of traditional Aegean Concept towels.

    Everyone Loves Towels!

    Everyone loves and needs towels. This also makes them a great gift. Try it, you will see the happiness on people's faces.