Diamond Beach Towel Price for 1 box with Shipping [Stock Clearance]

    Diamond Beach Towel Price for 1 box with Shipping [Stock Clearance]

    $400.00 $1,889.80
    Item Dimensions LxWxH 37 x 73 x 0.1 inches
    Size 37" x 73"
    Color Affair Purple, Black, Blue, Red, Burgundy, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Baby Blue, Navy, Beige, Mustard, Orange, Grey, Forest
    Material Cotton
    Fabric Type Cotton

    This Turkish beach towel is perfect for a day in the sand.

    The Diamond Turkish Beach Towel features a textured microfiber polyester fabric and is sure to be your favorite. This towel is great for use on the beach, in the pool, or at outdoor sporting events.

    About this item

    • EASY TO CARRY: Although it is thin, it has an excellent absorbent feature for beach and bath or pool. It takes very little space in your bag and closet. Lightweight and folding down to a minimum still it's an oversized beach towel. A great competitor with microfiber towels. Great for camping and gym. Large and big enough to cover up yourself and still fits the luggage at travel to vacation.
    • GET RID OF BED SMELLS: After sunbathing at the beach or after a bath, you no longer have to smell the moist towels you throw in your bag before it gets dry. Because “Aegean Turkish Towel “dries very quickly as it is produced from %100 natural cotton. Besides, you don't have to spend a lot of time and energy drying it.
    • QUALITY FIRST: There are many similar products on the market, but they can only be separated by touching them. Aegean Concept Towel; It is woven with superior quality yarns and traditionally colored and totally handmade towels. It will give a soft feeling to your skin as well as be perfect for your decorative bathrooms. Also great gifts for men and women. Prices are always like clearance.
    • MORE THAN JUST A TOWEL: You no longer have to carry the sand accumulated on the towel to your home. Just shaking Aegean Concept Turkish Towel will be enough to get rid of the sand. Yes, it's soundproof You can also guess that you will use it as a yoga blanket, hair towel wrap, cover-up, for decorative purposes, and beach accessories. This hammam linen is purely organic. Nice decor for the kitchen or bathroom as a blanket.
    • DESIGNED TO IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE: You can think of Aegean Concept boho style Turkish Towel as a birthday present or a bachelor party gift. You can use it for your picnics or camps. It will be a practical part of your life with its fast-drying, 100% natural cotton, and authentic appearance. Many colors to choose from; Black, purple, orange' pink, lilac, red, royal, green, beige, teal, coral, turquoise, and much more...You can buy in bulk and gift your lovely ones.